(A Very Belated) June Healthy Body Kit (Plus 10% off!)*

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If you read my post on last month's kit, you will know that the Health body Kit is a new monthly subscription box service aiming to "help women like ourselves become a little bit healthier - inside and out". Think birchbox-meets-Graze - a monthly supply of fitness supplements, organic skincare, health supplements and clean eats- and I LOVE it!


You can subscribe to receive your own monthly Healthy Body Kit HERE and each month a box of products will arrive at your house, giving you the opportunity to try some great new healthy and natural products. On top of this, you will also receive online access to 'A Healthier You', offering fitness tips and discount codes for a number of different brands each month. Even better still? Use exclusive code 'amyelizabeth' for 10% off your order!


The theme of this month's kit is all about getting bikini body fit - providing you with a box full to the brim of products designed for helping you get the most out of your workouts and fueling your body to keep going!

001. Lonsdale Skipping Rope - Skipping is my favourite form of HIIT training (check back on my blog soon for a post where I will give you some of my favourite skipping workouts to try!). It's such an ideal form of cardio, allowing you to work up a massive sweat whilst only requiring 15-20 minutes of your time! This speed skipping rope is super lightweight, meaning it can be shoved in your handbag for a quick workout where ever you are!

002. Buff Bake Peanut Butter - I am a self confessed peanut butter addict, so you can only imagine my excitement when I was greeted to two AMAZING flavours of peanut butter in this month's kit! I got to sample the 'Snickerdoodle' protein almond butter and the white chocolate peanut butter flavours (and yes, they taste just as good as they sound!). These butters are also fortified with whey protein, providing a whopping 11g per serving. And the best part? They contain absolutely no added sugar! You would literally be mad not to try these!

003. Max's Protein Bars - These gluten free white chocolate and raspberry protein bars are like an absolute godsend! Made using coconut oil and containing 17g protein per bar, these are the perfect snack for on the go pre or post workout. The amazing taste makes you feel like you're getting a sweet treat but the natural ingredients ensure that you're still nourishing your body and will keep you going for longer.

004. The Organic Protein Company - YAYYYYYYYYY! We all know how very excited I get when I actually find a high protein product which fits my many dietary requirements! Although gluten free protein is far more readily available nowadays, so many varieties are stacked full of artificial sweeteners to give them flavour... unfortunately for me, I am severely allergic to them. So I was literally over the moon to try this organic protein powder, containing absolutely nothing artificial, nothing that I'm allergic too and produces a really yummy shake or smoothie!

005. Cellublue - Cellulite: the root of every woman's bikini season stress, (I will be writing a completely seperate post on why cellulite really isn't all that bad, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!), step forward: cellublue. A suction cup proven to help massage muscles post exercise, reduce DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and help reduce the appearance of cellulite in the process... win win? I think so.

006. SEMTEX and a £5 Voucher - The final product in this month's kit is semtex, a formula designed to increase your workout performance. Containing green tea extract and caffeine, this supplement will give you energy whilst being suitable for vegans and coeliacs. `

Remember: get your subscription 10% off now with code 'amyelizabeth'