May Healthy Body Kit (Plus an Exclusive 10% Off!)*

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If you read my post on last month's kit, you will know that the Health body Kit is a new monthly subscription box service aiming to "help women like ourselves become a little bit healthier - inside and out". Think birchbox-meets-Graze - a monthly supply of fitness supplements, organic skincare, health supplements and clean eats- and I LOVE it!


You can subscribe to receive your own monthly Healthy Body Kit HERE and each month a box of products will arrive at your house, giving you the opportunity to try some great new healthy and natural products. On top of this, you will also receive online access to 'A Healthier You', offering fitness tips and discount codes for a number of different brands each month. Even better still? Use exclusive code 'amyelizabeth' for 10% off your order!


The theme of this month's kit is REJUVENATE - providing you with a box full to the brim of products designed for pure rejuvenation both inside and out.

001. Halo Wholefoods Cacoa Bliss Balls - As you all know by now, I love when I find a new raw/ gluten free/ refined sugar free snack to nibble on. I am a picker, and always have been. Therefore, I always like to make sure that the food I am picking at is good quality food that is still providing my body with nutrients and ingredients that are going to help it thrive! I had never tried these little balls of heaven before but I am absolutely SOLD (think Nakd bar meets bounce ball), and will actually be featuring these little beauties more prominently in an upcoming 'food haul' blog post so keep your eyes peeled!

002. Pukka - My favourite brand of tea, because a) the boxes their tea bags come in is just too. damn. cute. and b) their flavours are to die for (my favourites are their three ginger tea and their night time blend). So I was literally so excited to find a lovely selection of new flavours to try in this month's kit. Even more exciting? The kit contained two sachets of their powdered superfoods perfect for adding to smoothies or porridge!

003. Green frog Botanic Neroli & Lime Body Wash - I can be quite prone to sensitive skin and have to be careful which body washes and shower gels I use, as some of these have been known to bring out my eczema. However, one of the key ingredients in this body wash is Aloe Vera, known for it's soothing properties and therefore this body wash is perfect if you, like me, suffer from sensitive skin. 

004. Aduna Baobab - These super fruit powder sachets are 100% natural and nutrient dense, containing 4.5g of baobab per sachet. Baobab is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium and potassium and also helps you reach your recommended intake of fibre. This powered is great added to smoothies or sprinkled on to greek yoghurt!

005. Rejuvenation Water - This sweet tasting drink is made from water with added amino acids whilst containing no added refined sugar and 100% natural ingredients, meaning it's a fantastic alternative to sugar loaded fruit drinks such as Oasis or Gatorade. 

006. Evolve Hyaluronic Serum - This serum contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is proven to hydrate skin and plump out any wrinkles. Mixed with rose water to provide a lovely fresh and sweet smell, along with pomegranate extract, this product claims to strengthen cell membrane and leave skin incredibly hydrated! I will report back once I've tried it for myself!

Remember: get your subscription 10% off now with code 'amyelizabeth'