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I absolutely love taking photos. I own nothing short of seven different cameras: lomography cameras, polaroids, underwater, SLR... you name it, I probably own it. But a large majority of the time I can also be found snapping photos on my iPhone (in fact I've only had my phone for 6 months and already have over 4.6k photos on it). Crazy I know. With my blog being such a large part of my life, the success of this goes hand in hand with maintaining a creative and aesthetically pleasing instagram account, something I pride myself on. Sometimes I feel like it seems a shame to put so much time and effort into my instagram snaps to simple upload them and have them get lost in the sea of other uploads, and this is where my love for photo printing company Cheerz comes in! A company that provide a super slick and easy to use photo printing service which is easily linked to Facebook and Instagram accounts for ease of use!

It seems a shame that in the digital age that we live in, we rarely see photographs outside of a screen, but I am someone who still loves to decorate my room with photographs as I think there is no better way to cherish a memory. 

The amazing team at Cheerz recently sent me a beautiful looking massive box filled with print outs of my instagram posts, a gorgeous keep sake filled with extremely high quality prints (having used a number of photo printing services before, namely Photobox and Polagram, I can honestly say I have never been more impressed with the quality than I was with my Cheerz products). Along with the box came the most gorgeous photobook, full of all my photographs from the UK Blog Awards, creating a keepsake to remind me of a wonderful night (read all about it HERE).

Offering a large range of products from books to posters to magnets to prints from as little as £6.50 for 20 prints there really is so much choice and the products are so beautiful I doubt I will ever go anywhere else for my photo printing again! 

Even better still?! I have teamed up with the fab team at Cheerz to offer you lovely readers £4 off your first order with discount code 'AMYLYF'!