Skinny Mint Teatox*

Drink. Feel. Believe.

Recently, my instagram feed seems to be full of girls who are constantly looking for the latest quick fix to get them the dream body they want. The truth of the matter? No such thing exists. Hard work, intense training, healthy eating. Being a huge advocate of natural ingredients and an avid green tea drinker (bordering on fully fledged addict), when approached by Skinny Mint I was incredibly excited to try it out. Skinny Mint involves drinking their 'morning boost' tea every morning, and their 'night time cleanse' tea every other night in order to assist you to detox your body with the simple and original two Step Natural Tea Detox Program.

The teas are formulated with natural high-performing ingredients designed to increase energy and naturally cleanse the body. Step one: morning boost consists of a blend of guarana, Green Tea & Yerba Mate to create a fruity and fresh tea blend, intended to maximise naturally occurring vitality boosting ingredients. Step two: night time cleanse is a formulation of Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium husk, combined to purify and detox the body.

Consisting of completely natural antioxidant rich ingredients which not only help to rid the body of toxins but also improve energy levels, the combination of ingredients promotes a healthy heart and will improve the appearance of your skin. The green tea will help to burn fat, whilst the lemongrass will assist in you achieving a good nights sleep. For me, an absolute winning combination. 

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