Learning to Appreciate the Little Things in Life

This year, my New Year's Resolution was to find one thing at the end of each day to be grateful for, something to be happy about, an achievement to be proud of. My aim was to find even the smallest little shred of appreciation in every single day, and to document them to serve as a reminder that even when times seem hard or bad days arrive, there is always a silver lining to the cloud. When it's rainy look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars.

As far as presents go, I'm a sentimental girl. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than when someone finds a gift that is thoughtful, relevant or special to me and/or my relationship with that person… so when this little 'one line a day' book was given to me, complete with the most amazing personalised motivational message written inside I experienced one of those little moments of appreciation I'd been documenting. A moment of joy that someone took the time to really think about something that would make me smile.

The idea of the book is to form a condensed diary filled with five years worth of happy thoughts/ special memories all documented in just one line per entry… a way to reflect on the good times instead of dwelling on the negatives as we so easily do. Life tends to pass by at lightning speed, days merge into weeks and weeks merge into months and before we know it another year is over and we can't really pinpoint the little day to day events and happenings that made you laugh or smile, yet with this book you will always be able to.

So my new 8-month-into-the-year's resolution is to write in this book every single day, to form a special keepsake filled with 1,825days worth of smiles… and who knows maybe every once in a while I will share some of those entries with you :)