Baking Gluten Free Brownies with Udis*

I first came across 'Udi's', a Gluten Free food brand in late August, early September, when after five months of struggling to live with my wheat allergy, they sent me a huge hamper of absolutely delicious products. Since then, I have found it a lot easier to find replacements for wheat, but one thing that I really still missed was baking.
Before my wheat intolerance arose I was an avid baker, but ever since finding out I just lost all interest completely. I was bored of baking things that I myself could not eat. Therefore I was absolutely over the moon when Udi's sent me a gluten free brownie kit, a gluten free cake kit and a gluten free cookie kit! (So expect a few more gluten free baking posts over the next few weeks!).

The brownies were super easy to make and super yummy! All you need in addition to the Udi's brownie mix is 1/3 + 1tbspoon of unsalted butter, two medium eggs and any additional fillings which you wish to add, (the packet suggests nuts, however I added white chocolate chips instead).

1. Beat the eggs in a bowl for 2-3 minutes
2. Slowly add the dry mixture, beating it into the eggs to moisten
3. Add the butter and stir until completely combined
4. Add the additional chocolate chips/ nuts/ other filling and mix 
5. Spread evenly on a greased baking tray and cook at 170 degrees for 25-27 minutes

Leave your comments below and let me know if you are going to try some gluten free baking!