#HydrateNaturally with Vita Coco*

I have literally died and gone to coconut heaven...

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit down in the dumps. I was invited to two events in London, one today and one this evening, both of which I had to decline due to the absolutely massive mountain of university work which seems to be piling up in front of me (sometimes I wish I'd appreciated living in London a bit more than I did when I was down there). However, my day significantly improved when I was given this cute little parcel of Vita Coco goodies from one of the Manchester reps!

Coconut is one of my favourite foods- (I am always that lucky person who ends up consuming all the bounties that have been neglected at the bottom of Celebrations tins for weeks after Christmas). I have tried coconut water before, and absolutely love the taste of it, so I was so excited to try out all of these new flavours too! Some of you may know from previous blog posts that I am a huge sauna lover. I find it so relaxing and probably visit at least 5 times a week. Since coconut water is so hydrating, these Vita Coco's will be my new companions and will ensure that I manage to replace all my electrolytes after dehydrating myself in the heat, with the added advantage that they don't contain any of the nasty chemicals found in other electrolyte-replacing energy drinks.

Leave me your lovely comments below and let me know if you've ever tried coconut water before. Also, there are only a few days left to vote in the UK Blog Awards, so if you haven't already I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to follow this link and vote for me!