NV Chunky Lip Crayons*

Lipstick is one of my favourite make up items. I own more lipsticks than any thing else, and change my mind about my favourite brand and colour all the time. Recently, there has been a massive buzz within the blogging world about 'lip crayons'- and I have jumped on board the bandwagon after being approached by 'NV Colour' about trying out some of their products.

The first amazing thing to note about these products is that they are effectively giant crayolas... i.e. literally the best thing that has happened to the beauty world in a long time. They just look so cute!!! Excitement about their resemblance being the cause of many nostalgic childhood memories aside, the products themselves are actually A M A Z I N G.

And I promise you I am not exaggerating. The problem with lipstick is that it can be incredibly dry, and also quite tricky to apply. I can't be the only person who thinks that the pointed nib of a lipstick actually makes it harder to apply accurately?! The 'crayon' idea completely eliminates that problem... providing a thick nip which glides smoothly over the lips for completely even application. I was completely shocked at how moist these products actually were, and how moisturising they felt on the lips. The only way I can describe the texture is to say that they provide the intense colour of a lipstick, with the moisturisation of lipgloss or lip balm, but without the horrible sticky reside.

In terms of selecting colours, I played it safe, knowing that as a blonde with fair skin and blue eyes, I can wear  Barbie pink tones and nudes with ease. However, for my third choice I decided to push my boundaries and select a colour that I don't think I'd have been brave enough to select in any other circumstance. This colour is 'Spiced Plum' a gorgeous purpley tone perfect for autumn! I have always completely admired people who can pull off such a strong statement lip without looking like they've got themselves dressed up for Halloween a few weeks early, always assuming that the latter would be the result if I were to try the trend for myself. However, I was wrong, and have completely fallen in love with this colour! The bold colour matched with the perfect texture of the product (and of course the super cute packaging) means that 'Spiced Plum' has now become my favourite lip product of not just the moment, but of all time. (If you saw the size of my lipstick collection, you would appreciate how much of a compliment this really is!)

I can not recommend these enough! Priced at only £5 they are an absolute steal in comparison to the M.A.C. lipsticks that I have grown so accustomed to buying! Please leave your lovely comments below and let me know if you have tried this brand, or any other brand of lip crayon and let me know what you thought!