Cosmo Blog Awards Part 2 - The Event

This year, the Cosmo Blog Awards were held in the OXO Tower on the South Bank in London. An absolutely stunning location with a beautiful view of Saint Paul's cathedral overlooking the Thames... if it wasn't so cold I could have definitely spend my whole night stood on the balcony looking out across the river which just looked so beautiful in the dark!

Beautiful view aside, there was enough going on inside the venue to keep us bloggers all incredibly busy and excited! We were greeted at the door with free Champagne, and were kept topped up all night long with the amazing cocktails (Cosmos featuring heavily, obvs) made with the lovely pinky vodka (of which we got a small bottle in our goody bag!). All around the room were different exciting stands from the Remmington hair stand to the MUA make up stand. The 'IZ' nail bar had to be my favourite, the lovely ladies showed you how to easily apply their amazing nail wraps and then you got to take a few packs away with you to try for yourself at home... who doesn't love a bit of pampering followed by a freebie?!

As an avid cupcake lover, but a wheat intolerance sufferer, my heart broke slightly at the view of the 'decorate your own cupcake' stand. A beautiful array of cakes, icing bags filled with various flavours and bowls upon bowls of cute decorations. I may or may not have considered stealing one of the icing bags and consuming the whole lot. 

The awards themselves were held in a room to the back of the venue, and it was an honour in itself just to be in the presence of the editor in chief at Cosmo, and of course some absolutely incredible bloggers that I have read and admired for an extremely long time! Along with meeting some amazing new bloggers, I was also delighted to be reunited with some bloggers that I have met before at previous events. I always find it so overwhelming how lovely and welcoming all bloggers are and I feel honoured to be a fully fledged part of the blogging community!

After the awards, the party carried on in full swing. The DJ took to the stand, free cocktails were refilled and some lovely male models paraded the room with canapés.... including mini steak and chips. Steak and chips canapés! I kid you not!

It was hand on heart one of the most incredible nights of my life. Thank you once again to everyone who voted for me and allowed me to attend such an incredible event!

(p.s. you can buy my dress here!)