Cosmo Blog Awards Part 1- The Outfit

 Last night was amazing. There's not really much more I can say. To think that back in February I sat and wrote my first ever blog post, and somehow there I was, exactly eight months to to day later, sat on a train heading to London because Amyelizabeth had been shortlisted by Cosmopolitan to win a Blog Award?!? Just wow.

I guess the first thing I have to say is thank you. I never in a million years dreamed that I would ever achieve anything close to what I have achieved within 8 months, and it's only because of the amazing support of my followers that I have managed to do so. No, I didn't win the award, but that really doesn't seem to matter. What matters to me is that this year, Cosmo received 47,000 entries and I was chosen to be part of the final shortlisted nine for 'Best New Beauty Blog'. The fact that I can't even comprehend what 47,000 people would look like is just pretty overwhelming in itself. So to each and every person who has ever read, commented or followed my blog or any of my social media platforms; Thank you. And I really truly mean it.

The night was so incredibly special to me, (and I got the added bonus that I was lucky enough to share it with my mum!), therefore one blog post simply wouldn't do justice to all the amazing things I have to tell you about! So I will be splitting my night into T H R E E seperate blog posts; part one - the outfit, part two - the event and part three - the goody bag. So I hope you're all ready to be inundated with #CosmoBlogAward mania.

As you will know if you've been reading my blog recently, last week I attended the Little Black Dress collection launch party at Manchester House, and absolutely fell in love with every single dress in the collection. I went home feeling happy that I had discovered a new website to feed my online shopping addiction, only to wake up even happier to find out LBD were going to gift me a dress to wear to the awards. So I chose the Kate. As soon as the lovely Rebecca from LBD came to my flat to drop it off, I tried it on and knew it was perfect. The fit was gorgeous, the quality of the material felt so luxurious and the feathers added that extra unique detailing that I knew no one else would have. I could not have imagined having a more perfect dress for the night.

I teamed the dress with my nude Carvellas and wore my mum's old gold hoop earrings from the 90's that she kindly gave to me a few weeks ago. I had my hair washed, blow dried and styled at the Guiley Green blow dry bar in Fenwicks (they do an amazing job there, highly recommend it to anyone in need of a hairdressers in London!) And after rushing back to the hotel to do my make up and put my dress on, I was ready to go!