My First Ever Birchbox*

Having heard so much and read countless blog posts about the monthly beauty subscription 'Birchbox' I was really excited when I was contacted myself about trying one out. The concept is fairly simple, you pay £10 per month and in return receive a box filled with lots of different beauty products for you to try.

For bloggers, this is such a great concept as it means you will have a fresh set of products to test out and review on your blog every month. However, 'Birchbox' is also a fantastic idea for any non-bloggers who want to try out some new brands, but aren't sure where to start! The concept also makes for a fantastic gift, meaning you can send a box to a friend, your mum, or sister and be sure that they will receive a lovely surprise! 

The box itself is so exciting to open! It was like playing a game of pass the parcel (but on my own, and without the music)... I opened up the postage box, to reveal the classic Birchbox brown box. Inside this were some leaflets about the products and also some information about the vitally important 'Coppafeel' campaign that Birchbox are supporting. At the bottom of the box was the part I was waiting for! The little pink makeup bag filled with all my surprises! To my joy, I pulled out 6 different products; 1. KMS Free Shape 'hot flex cream', 2. Balance Me cleanse and smooth face balm, 3. The Cool Fix gel lotion, 4. Cindy Crawford glowing serum, 5. Pixi shea butter lip balm and 6. a cute little Birchbox lipstick pen!

If there are any of these products that you would like to see me review in more detail then please let me know by leaving your lovely comments below!