Roger & Gallet 'Lait Sorbet' Body Lotion*

Literally the stuff that dreams are made of. Sugary, sherbetty, sorbet smelling dreams of deliciousness! As if I didn't need an excuse to add any more body lotions to my already ginormous (and ever growing) stash of them, I couldn't resist when I was told about the new 'Lait Sorbet' range from Roger and Gallet.

With four different body lotions in the range, each with their own unique properties and soft fruity smell, there will definitely be a product within this range to support your needs and tastes. I was sent the 'Feel Firmer' lotion, containing ginger and aloe vera and the 'Feel Revitalised' sorbet with apricot oil and aloe vera to sample.... and ever since getting out of the bath and lathering both lotions over my body (one on each half, just to be fair), I literally can not stop smelling myself. I appreciate this is an incredibly odd thing to say, and probably an ever odder thing to admit. But they just smell S E N S A T I O N A L.

The apricot infused lotion is light and fruity, and promises to soften the skin and revitalise the mind. For me, this is the perfect combination of properties as I am the world's biggest stresser, and this stress tends to bring me out in a mix of eczema and dry skin patches... therefore a product that will help benefit both of these problems is a winner in my eyes. The ginger lotion provides 24 hour hydration along with aiding the firming of skin. After only one application, I am yet to tell whether the promised lasting skin firming effects are true, however I have to admit it did provide an instant 'tightening' effect.

Both sorbet lotions offer a similar texture and consistency... both were more runny than I was initially expecting, however this works hugely to the products advantage meaning a small amount goes a long way, and it aids the product in soaking into the skin quicker meaning you don't have to sit around waiting for the awkward 'touch dry' sticky phase to pass. The application process is perfect, as the soap dispenser esque bottles mean that you don't have to messily dig your hand into a tub or squeeze far too much out of a tube. Instead, the perfect amount of product is dispensed each time meaning you can manageably apply as much or as little as required. 

Over all I would give these products a solid 9/10 and am definitely intrigued to try out the other 'flavours'. Leave me your lovely comments below and let me know if these are something you fancy trying! If you do, you can get your hands on them HERE. (Trust me, if nothing else, your noses will thank you)