Lynette Page Make Up*

If you have read my last blog post then you will know that last week I attended the launch of 'Lynette Page'- a new make up artistry bar in the centre of Knutsford.

Lynette has also created her own range of make up to be used and sold in the shop. The make up itself is of an extremely high quality- the eye shadows are so fine they are practically dust, meaning they blend like a dream and the colour is beyond intense. Lynette has made everything easy- taking away the stress of not knowing which tones and colours to pick, by basing her entire line on colour theory. Every product from the foundation to the lipsticks are labeled with a small 'c' or 'w' indicating whether that colour is suitable for people with a cool or a warm complexion. The eyeshadow palettes take this one step further, and there are specific day and night time palettes designed to suit every eye colour! This means that you can completely eradicate the awkward overwhelming feeling of approaching a make up counter without having a clue where to start! I know that personally, I sometimes feel intimidated by the vast range of products on offer, and sometimes you don't feel comfortable asking for advice without feeling pressured into a purchase.

With the Lynette make up range, this is so much less of an issue as once you know whether you have a cool or warm complexion, you can easily access all of the colours and products that will truly suit you! In the images above, I am wearing eye make up from the 'Green Eyes' day time palette- a beautiful combination of neutrals and pinks!

The range is beautifully packaged and I would highly recommend you check out the website and try them out for yourself! Let me know in the comments below if you do try this make up out! I'd also love it if you'd follow me on bloglovin!