Lynette Page Make Up Artistry Launch*

Snuggled away down a beautiful little street in Knutsford is the most gorgeous new make up artistry bar. Owner and makeup artist Lynette Page is one of the most bubbly, friendly and welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and her make up range and beauty bar concept revolutionise the world of pampering. Last night I was privileged to attend her launch and try out her new self-designed make up range.

For me, the best part of a night out is getting ready. I love getting the girls over, sticking on some music and spending hours pampering ourselves before heading out. I also love being pampered by other people, and if it's a special occasion, I will treat myself to a curly blow dry or have my hair styled at the hairdressers. As much as I love having my make up done by make up artists, my only experience of this has been whilst awkwardly perched on a stool in the middle of a busy department store, while I try not to cringe as the make up artist takes off my make up in front of what seems to be a gaping audience. (I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but anyone who has been in this situation will know that it somewhat detracts from the treat of having your makeup done, and it is almost impossible to relax and fully enjoy the experience).

This is why I fell in love with 'Lynette Page' the moment I stepped through the door. It is a dreamy heaven of reflective surfaces, gorgeous lighting and friendly staff. A place to come and have your make up done in an atmosphere designed specifically for it, a place to bring your friends and be pampered together, or a place to simply browse and try Lynette's own range of make up without the pressure of a shop assistant giving you the hard sell. With treatments ranging from make up lessons to make overs, the bar menu is full of different looks so you are bound to find the one you love.

The launch itself was a lovely event, with champagne and fizzy orange supplied along with make up tutorials and trials, I can't wait for my next visit! I would highly recommend this beauty bar to anyone who lives around the Knutsford/ Cheshire area, it is such an original idea and would be a fantastic treat for you and the girls to enjoy.

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