Body Shop Coconut Haul

Hello lovlies! Today I'm going to do the first review of the many beautiful beauty birthday presents I received, and I have to start with my body shop haul because these products are literally to die for. I absolutely love the smell of coconut and literally haven't stopped applying these products since I opened them! 

The products pictured above are;
1. Coconut Shimmer Body Butter - £13
2. Coconut Exfoliator - £12.50
3. Coconut Shower Gel - £4
4. Coconut Body Mist - £7.50

I have always been a big fan of the Body Shop's body butters- they are thick, creamy and leave you feeling instantly moisturised. They are great at keeping dry skin away, and I also find that they help to stop fake tan becoming streaky. This "Shimmer" body butter is actually even nicer, as it has a subtle sparkle which adds a natural glow to your skin, almost acting in the same way a hi-lighter would on your face. If applied down the front of your legs it will not only moisturise them but also help to slim them as the added shimmer reflects the light beautifully.

I had never used the Body Shop's exfoliator before, and since I've started using this one I can't for the life of me think why! I exfoliate quite regularly, as I often apply fake tan so it is important to ensure you have no dead skin or dry patches beforehand. I usually exfoliate whilst in the bath, and then apply my body butter after I've dried off. I love that now both of these products are from the same range, meaning the smells compliment each other and the products work really well together.

The shower gel is thick and luxurious, the smell is divine and it is really easy to lather up, meaning it can also be used in the bath as a "makeshift bubble bath", allowing the beautiful scent to full soak into your skin and leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and smelling amazing!

Lastly is my new body spray. I don't use body sprays all the time, I'm more of a deodorant and perfume type person, but I do love using body sprays if I'm just nipping out, or want a subtler more casual smell. I have actually also been using this body spray as a room spray as I love the coconut smell so much I absolutely love walking into my room and being greeted by the fresh smell.

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