A Week of Instagram #6

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Starting from top left:
1. A photograph taken before my birthday meal and drinks on Thursday night (see ootd here)
2. Me and my lovely girls in a bar in Manchester the same night
3. The two absolutely beautiful, delicate friendship bracelets from two of my gorgeous friends
4. My slice of brunch birthday cake in a local farm shop cafe on my birthday morning
5. My baby, Minnie, helping me to unwrap my presents 
6. It may be 9 years too late but my Hogwarts letter has finally arrived!

Good morning! It is a very birthday related "Week of instagram" this week! I have genuinely had one of the best birthdays of my life, so this week has just been absolutely amazing! It's so lovely when people just go that extra little bit to make sure you have a special day, and I have been absolutely spoilt with the gorgeous gifts I have received! My boyfriend, knowing how much of a (not so secret) Harry Potter geek I am, sent me a Hogwarts acceptance letter which was just so funny and sweet. I went to a lovely local farm shop cafe in the morning for brunch with my mum, and started the day very healthily with a lovely piece of Victoria Sandwich- but if you're not allowed to eat cake for breakfast on your birthday, when are you allowed it?!

Yesterday the celebrations continued at a family meal at a lovely restaurant, and I had the most gorgeous feta cheese salad full to the brim with cherry tomatoes, which are my favourite food in the world, and considering I am now on my TWELTH day with no chocolate or biscuits, I treated myself to some honeycomb icecream for desert, and a belated birthday treat, and some much needed sugar relief!

Thankyou so much for all your birthday wishes, your comments over the last week have been so lovely as usual, so make sure you keep reading and commenting, and I will try my hardest to respond to you all! I'd love it if you'd follow me on bloglovin' and check out my twitter and instagram!