Rimmel Pin Up Vinyl Gloss

How gorgeous is this lipgloss colour?! I have never before seen a lipgloss with the ability to apply such a strong colour to my lips and I am in genuine shock at how good this product is, especially as it is priced at an incredibly low £4.99! 

As we know, I can sometimes be a bit of a makeup snob, and usually pay a bit more for "branded" products rather than buying a typical drug store brand, but this product has made me completely change my opinions and has left me wondering why I never bought this "Rimmel vinyl gloss" before! The staying power of this lipgloss is actually second to none, and I can manage a full day with no reapplication whatsoever, except for after food and drink (but to be honest, you will never find a lip product which will fully withstand this!) The strong colour sits on your lips more like a lipstick would, but has the added advantage of bringing an incredible shine and glossy finish that you only get from a lipgloss! 

At first glance, due to the very tacky and sticky nature of the gloss itself I thought it would leave this same sticky feeling on my lips. This is a pet hate of mine when it comes to lip products, as I like my lips to feel smooth and moisturised and cannot stand being left with sticky lips that feel dirty under my lipgloss! You wouldn't pile a load of sticky, thick foundation onto your skin, so why do the same to your lips? However, I was more than pleasantly surprised that the lipgloss dries very quickly and actually leaves behind no sticky residue at all!

This lipgloss is a definite must as we head into the summer months, the colour is beautiful and will brighten up even the simplest of makeup looks, whilst the product itself is so small and easy to apply that it is perfect to just pop in your bag and apply on the go. The Rimmel Vinyl Gloss comes in 16 shades, ranging from this bright pink "pin up", to a bold red "summer sparkle", a variety of nude colours and even a "Crystal Clear" transparent gloss, which would be perfect for adding some extra shine on top of a lipstick you already own!

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