Bathe in Glitter and Sparkle all day- Fizz Cosmetics*

Morning lovelies! Another nice and early post for you, but I'm off to Loughborough this morning to see my boyfriend and I was far too excited about these products that I couldn't wait to blog about them! It excites me greatly to say that Fizz Cosmetics actually sent me this lovely box of goodies for FREE! I am the biggest lover of baths... when I am at home I have a bath every single day (sometimes I even have two), and I can literally spend hours in there reading what ever book I currently have on the go. As you all know, I am also a huge lover of cupcakes, so the fact these gorgeous bath bombs, (or "bath muffins" as they're marketed) are shaped so gorgeously like little cakes, in terms of presentation they are actual perfection as far as I'm concerned.

As soon as I picked them up from my post box in Manchester, I drove straight back home and the first thing I did was run a bath because I was literally that excited to try these products out... my only dilemma was that I received such a vast collection of these gorgeous products, (containing four bath muffins- "Cotton Breeze", "Citrus Burst", "English Country Garden" and "Retro Fest", along with two "Pink Fizz" bombs and black raspberry and vanilla bath soufflés!), that I literally could not decide which one to try first! Put it this way... I have a lot of baths to look forward to!

The product I finally chose to use first was the "English Country Garden Bath Muffin" because it smelt exactly like parma violets sweets which were my absolute favourites when I was younger! The muffin fizzed up as soon as it was placed in the water, leaving my bath a lovely shade of lilac and full of glitter! I was literally in bath heaven. The "icing" of the muffin contained cocoa butter which soaked into my skin whilst I was in the bath, and as I got out I couldn't believe how soft and moisturised my skin felt. I am already looking forward to my next bath, and I can not recommend this company or these bath muffins enough! 

Priced at only £3 for one muffin, or £9 for a gift box of four (containing one muffin of each "flavour"), I can not find a reason for you not to buy them. They are cheaper than a number of branded bath bomb products I have used in the past, and are certainly of a higher quality that some of the standard drug-store products on the market... plus Fizz Cosmetics offer a lovely range of gift sets which would be the perfect gift for your mum as we approach mothers day!

Let me know in the comments below if you'd consider trying these products, I love reading your opinions and I will always try to reply to as many of you as possible! I'd also love it if you'd follow me on bloglovin' and check out my twitter and instagram!