A Week of Instragram #7

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Starting from top left:
1. My beautiful Bath Muffins from Fizz Cosmetics! (read review here)
2. A gorgeous belated birthday necklace and bracelet from my friend Megan
3. Beans on toast- i.e. the single best meal in the world
4. A natural photograph from my birthday where me and my boyfriend started to laugh
5. Some vanilla cupcakes that I baked and decorated!
6. My gorgeous British Shorthair cat, Stan, enjoying a nice relaxing morning

Wow, this week was very food and cupcake related! I haven't baked in a while, but made some lovely vanilla cupcakes this week, which helped to distract myself from my chocolate and biscuit cravings! (19 days and going strong!) Continuing on the cupcake theme I also received and used these lovely Bath Muffins from Fizz Cosmetics which were a fantastic way to relax on Friday night after a long week of uni. I have been home quite a bit this week, so it was lovely to spend time cuddling my three beautiful kitties too!

There's a few more birthday related pictures featured this week too! Firstly the beautiful charm necklace and bracelet from my friend who unfortunately couldn't make it to my birthday meal, and another photo of me and my boyfriend laughing.

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