Complexion Perfection - Benefit Foundation Brush

Hello again lovely followers! I told you a while back that I was in desperate need of a new foundation brush as my old Boots "No 7" brush was definitely at the end of its life... luckily for me, my mum was well prepared, and I unwrapped this brand new Benefit foundation brush on my birthday a few weeks ago! I've waited a while before writing this review as I wanted time to fully get used to the product so that I could review it much more honestly for you guys!

In the past, I have only ever really used cheap makeup brushes, or my hands to apply foundation (I know this is the ultimate makeup sin but I'm always in a mad rush so don't judge me!), however, since I've started using this brush I can hand on heart promise you that I will never go back to my old ways. This brush allows you to effortlessly apply foundation evenly all over your face, reaching places that your hands simply can not. According to Benefit, the brush uses two-tone synthetic hair for a "natural looking streak free finish".

The brush itself is incredibly easy to use, and I know genuinely believe that investing in some good "tools" will make an incredible difference to your overall makeup look, helping you to achieve a flawless, professional finish. Since I've started using this brush, I also find that I apply a lot less foundation to my face, as the coverage is much more even and the foundation seems to "stick" better, meaning less of the product is used. This not only has the advantage of allowing your skin to breathe, but it also means that your products will last longer, so it really is a win-win situation!

Priced at £19.50, the brush is quite pricey, and if it had not been given to me as a gift, I don't know if I would have personally spent that much money. However, the quality is phenomenally better than any previous foundation brushes I have used, which goes to show that it is sometimes worth investing more in a product if you wish to achieve a better end result.

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