Benefit Hoola Review

YAY! I finally own a Benefit "Box o' Powders" product to go with my extensive collection of Benefit makeup! This lovely "Hoola" bronzer was a birthday present from my brother, and was received at perfect timing, just as my old bronzer had completely run out. 

"Hoola" is the UK's number one best selling bronzer, and after using it for a little under a week I am in complete agreement, it is by far the best bronzer I have ever used! I simply dust the soft bronzing power all over my face, (using my usual bronzer brush, not the brush provided), leaving my complexion looking healthy and giving me a natural tan. I then use the natural-bristle cheek brush provided to add some more contouring underneith my cheek bones to really make them stand out! The bronzer is pure colour, with no added sparkle or shine so it really does leave a very natural colour on your face. The brush provided is the perfect shape for contouring and leads to perfectly even application if swept under the cheek bones from just past the corner of the lip, right up to the top of the cheekbone, just in line with your ear.

This product is matte, lightweight and will hopefully be long lasting! The staying power of the powder is phenomenal, it even puts up a good fight with a makeup wipe, so there's no fear of it rubbing off during the day. The only down side to this is if too much is applied, it is quite hard to blend into the face and you will end up having to take it all off and start again. However, once you've perfected the application process, you really can't fault it!

Like all Benefit "Box o' Powders" it is priced at £23.50, which seems like a high price for such a little box... but seeing as a little bit goes a very long way, I have a feeling this product will last a very long time! It is such a gorgeous colour and feels so lightweight on your face that I feel it is worth paying the extra money for.

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