Tips for Mental Wellbeing with Vivid Matcha Green Tea*

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"A mind with focus and energy can achieve anything. While others obsess with physical health we promote the importance of mental wellbeing, clarity and focus." - James Shillcock, Founder of Vivid.

Matcha Green Tea is the 'it' drink of the moment. 2015 had coconut water, 2014 was the year of the juice cleanse, and 2016 is rapidly shaping up to be Matcha Green Tea's turn to take to the podium, and rightly so. If you follow me on instagram (@amyelizabeth_blog) or snapchat (@amyylyons), then you will be well aware of my green tea obsession... hot, cold, in smoothies, by the bucket full... I consume that much I wouldn't be surprised if you cut me and I bled green tea. In simple terms, matcha is basically like the superhero version of green tea. As opposed to regular green tea, where a tea bag is stewed in water, matcha is high grade green tea leaves that have been ground into a powder and mixed directly with water, meaning you are actually consuming the entire green tea leaf, allowing you to fully digest all of the nutritional value and health benefits.

Along with the many health benefits of green tea (I won't bore you, I'm sure you've heard them all before), there is solid evidence to support the idea that it helps with energy levels, clarity of thought and stress reduction, all contributing to a healthy mental wellbeing. Society is becoming increasingly fast paced, people are working longer hours, struggling to eat nutritious food and are constantly looking for an energy 'quick fix', unfortunately usually in the shape of a sugary chocolate bar or self proclaimed 'energy drink' such as Gatorade or Red Bull. The beauty of matcha green tea is it can provide the same energy lift without all the nasty artificial ingredients!

As Vivid's mission statement is all about promoting mental wellbeing, I decided to compile my own little list of ways to help focus your mind and become healthy not just on a physical level, but mentally too:

001. Take time away from technology - find something you can do where you literally have no temptation to touch your phone, tablet, laptop etc. For me, I like to go and sit in the sauna at the gym. I lock my phone away in my locker and become completely disconnected- no one can contact me even if they want to. Sitting there gives me time to think and collect my thoughts. In fact the majority of my blog post ideas are thought up either in the sauna or in the bath (another fantastic place to disconnect from technology for a while).

002. Make your bed somewhere you want to spend time - I love sleep. The best part of my day is when I crawl into bed at night time... Unfortunately, me and my bed seem to have a love-hate relationship. I love being there, but my body doesn't really like sleeping there. Or anywhere. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to actually function everyday off the lack of sleep I seem to acquire. However, if you make your bed as comfortable as it can possibly be, even when sleep is a struggle, at least your body can enjoy some form of relaxation. For me, this comes in the form of fairy lights, candles and lots of comfy cushions and blankets. I always have a book and my diary in my bedside table, and try to reach for these at 2A.M. when sleep has escaped me.

003. Make your mind clock off at the same time as your body - Whenever I am finished working for the day I get straight into my dressing gown or pyjamas, to try and teach my brain to make the mental association that now it is officially 'down time'. Putting loose and comfortable clothes on can go a long way to helping your mind feel much more relaxed, as feeling physically comfortable and at ease will help your mind to feel the same.

004. Remove negativity - Whether it comes from negative people in your life or from your own mind, negativity is not an ingredient for a healthy and mentally fulfilling life. The less you respond to negative people and situations the more peaceful your life will become. Surround yourself with people that are only going to lift you higher- a negative mind will never lead to a positive life.

Oh and Stan gives it his seal of approval too!