Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream

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I am an incredibly active person: I have an intensive fitness regime and as much as possible try to stick to a healthy and natural diet; I limit refined sugar and try my best to eat foods that are solely made from natural ingredients. Why? Because I want to nourish my body and maintain an active lifestyle that will energise my body and help me to feel as healthy as possible. That's why the Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream is the perfect product to match all these feelings externally; consisting of two phases to firstly intensively hydrate and nourish the skin and secondly kick start the skin's natural bio-electricity. In simple terms the day cream energises your skin cells leaving your skin healthy and revitalised in the same way all that lovely fresh food helps your body to feel the same.

For years Elemis has been my go to skin care brand, I must own near enough twenty different products from the brand and use them religiously day and night. However, if I'm heading to the gym in the morning I don't have the time to use a number of different products, and therefore wanted to try a more lightweight formula to help my skin feel energised and glowing whilst I was working out. 

The Elemis Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream uses three key ingredients to help maintain optimum skin functionality:
001. Trio of Acids - 'Encourages essential enzymatic functions and boosts the flow of electrons.'
002. Encapsulated Zinc and Copper - 'Both minerals facilitate enzymatic processes relating to cell energy including stimulation of cell growth and DNA replication'
003. Electrolytes - 'To encourage optimum cell health and vitality'

The day cream itself couldn't be easier to apply: use two fingers to push down both sides of the pump releasing both products. Blend these together on the back of your hand before applying to your face and neck area. 

The product slides like silk and leaves my skin feeling nourished and smoother than any other skincare product I have ever tried. The intense hydration properties of the day cream leave your skin practically glowing, meaning I can confidently enter the gym with a completely make up free face and feel fresh and clean and the product really does 'switch your skin back on' as Elemis claim.

I would rate this product a 9.5/10, and TBH it would have been a solid 10 if it wasn't for the slightly hefty price tag of £75. However, price aside the product lives up to every expectation and I will definitely continue to invest and may even break the bank to buy the Night Cream to match.

Let me know your thoughts below!