Wake up an Hour Early to Live an Hour More

I have always been an early bird. No matter what time my head hits the pillow the night before, I will wake up between the hours of 5A.M. and 6A.M. without fail. Although sometimes this is far from ideal (e.g. after crawling into bed at 3A.M. from a night out), most of the time I actually really enjoy the extra hours that my early rises give me. I love the stillness of mornings, when it feels like everyone in the world is still fast asleep but me. It helps me to forget about everything that plays on my mind once the rest of the world has awoken and lets me just exist in my own private hour where absolutely nothing matters but me and my own world. It is in these hours that I can look after myself, reflect on my goals and have time to appreciate the beauty of calm without the hustle and bustle of busy life in the way.

 I appreciate that not everyone is a morning person, but the benefits of getting out of bed even as little as half an hour earlier than usual really can have a huge effect on the productivity of your day.

1. You are at your efficient best first thing in the morning and will get things done quicker and to a higher standard. Our brains make better informed decisions after waking up, meaning you are more likely to achieve the goals you set for yourself each morning.

2. Waking up early leads to a better mental outlook. By waking up earlier, it reduces your stress levels and you can avoid the usual morning rush, meaning you are ready to start your day in a much calmer state of mind. 

3. The first hour of our day is meant to set the tone for how positive and relaxed we will feel for the rest of the day, so waking up an hour earlier will leave you time to do something you enjoy before the rush of the day begins. Treat yourself to breakfast in bed with a book, or catch up on some TV instead of doing it late the night before and you will feel more ready and positive about the day ahead.

4. Waking up earlier will help you eat healthier. A survey actually concluded that people who lie in averagely consume 248 more calories a day and tend to lean towards more unhealthy food choices than those who consistently wake up earlier.

5. Those extra minutes will give you time to plan your day and prep your meals. This is something that has been so vitally important for me recently. When you have a busy day, having a yummy and healthy lunch already prepared and ready will mean that you don't end up grabbing something quick, carb heavy and sugary to get you through the rest of your day.

6. Silence. My absolute favourite benefit of the morning. Meditation and complete 'me time' will completely transform your day. You will feel relaxed, you will feel positive and you will feel ready to accomplish everything you hope to. Life seems a lot less scary and a lot less stressful when you and your mind are on the same team.

Remember you can never make time, only utilise it. You are handed 24 hours every day and once they're gone you can't have them back. Time is precious, use it wisely.