Five Little Things that make me Happy

1. My cats 

When I used to live at home, I never really let my cats in my room, but recently every time I go home I let them both curl up on the bed with me at night time. I absolutely love falling asleep to their purrs and waking up next to them for morning snuggles.

2. Placing a focus on my health

Over the past few weeks I have been trying hard to change my mind set with respect to health, trying to teach myself that what is going on on the inside is just as important as what your body looks like on the outside. I definitely would not say I am 'happy' when I am in the gym, and the journey is a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I'm trying... we all start somewhere.

3. Reading Harry Potter (again)

I associate the Harry Potter series with many different moments of my childhood. In particular, when I was reading the last book in the series for the first time, shortly after its release, something incredibly personal was going on simultaneously in my life, and for some reason I have always credited these books for helping me get through that (sad, I know). Therefore, rereading them, like I do on many occasions, makes me appreciate life and I love nothing more than removing myself from reality and escaping into this world.

4. The Return of my Pink Hair 

I decided to dye my hair pink again... I quite often make these impulse appearance changes when I'm feeling stressed, however I think my parents definitely appreciate the temporary nature of this as opposed to the time I impulsively got my nose pierced.

5. Music 

At the moment I am particularly loving James Blake, Tom Odell and Aiden Grimshaw. None of which are particularly new albums, they are just fantastically written.