Shoot for the Stars - Lush Bath Bomb

This morning I woke up and ate a cupcake for breakfast... I slightly redeemed myself by going to the gym, before coming home and soaking into a bath with this amazing Lush Bath Bomb, and began reading the Harry Potter series again (for around the eighth time). What a perfect Monday morning.

Bath time is my favourite time; when I'm home from uni I will have a bath every single day, and if you team that bath with a good book, a lovely bath bomb and some candles, there's a good chance I will not surface again for well over an hour. (My all time record currently stands at three baths in one day). My mum knows how much I cherish my bathtimes, and got me not one, not two but TEN lush bath bombs for Christmas, all wrapped up in an massive box, beautifully tied up with ribbons and tissue paper. Perfection.

My only issue now though is that I adore lush bath bombs so much that I am trying (and failing) to save them for 'special occasions'... a feat that is not going too well considering I had used three of them before I'd even come back from holiday over Christmas... But it was well worth it as I can now honestly say that the only thing better than a lush bath is a lush bath on holiday.

This morning I chose the 'Shoot for the Stars' bath bomb, and it was literally the funnest bath bomb I have ever used... (I never really thought I'd describe a bath bomb as fun but it's been a long few weeks of revision so you'll have to excuse the mush that my brain has been reduced to)... I barely even got any of Harry Potter read because I was so enthralled watching the massive 200g bath bomb fizzle away around me. The only way I can really describe it was by saying I felt like I was sat in the middle of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting, because the bath water looked like that exact mixture of blue, yellow and white swirling around me. Even now I am still trying to scrub the glitter off my body, but that is a small price to pay... Bathe in glitter and sparkle all day!

I hope all your Monday's started off on a positive note too!