I Love... Peachy Passionfruit*

Summer is my favourite season... True to my pieces nature, I am a complete water baby. I love nothing more than being surrounded by water (probably where my absolute obsession with baths comes from). I also love the heat, and am incredibly sensitive to the cold. If I could, I would spend my whole summer away, lying on a lilo on the pool reading book after book after book. Sun + water + reading = my happy place. You probably think it's a bit weird that in the middle of winter, and in a blog post that's meant to be about shower creme I'm banging on about summer, but I do have a point I promise!

In the middle of winter, for me there is nothing nicer than something that reminds me of summer. Summer scents and tastes bring back those nostalgic feelings and memories, so for me, when I first smelt the amazingly fruity and tropical 'Peachy Passionfruit' bath and shower creme from fairly new and ultra affordable brand 'I love...' (available in Superdrug), I absolutely died and went to heaven. I think it is safe to say it is possibly the nicest smelling shower creme I have ever encountered, it is sweet and summery, but still fresh and clean. Although I am a huge lover of sweet smells, I only like to use shower gels, deodorants or body butters which also have a fresh or airy smell (I am the type of person who will spray everything in my room with febreze cotton fresh about 3 times a day). This shower creme is the perfect combination of both. What a winner.

The bottle is absolutely huge (like literally the size of my head- yes I have a very small head but you can't argue with a head sized product!), and it only costs £2.99 (the other scents are currently on sale for £1.45), so you literally can not lose! So if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps suffering from the winter blues, I definitely recommend this product to inject a little bit of summer into your life.