Mememe Cosmetics*

Coming home from holiday and fighting some serious holiday blues is possibly one of the worst feelings. This week I've been trying to suppress endless thoughts that "this time last week I was... [insert amazing holiday memory x, y or z]". However, coming back from holiday to find lots of amazing blogger mail waiting for me seemed to soften the blow just a little bit!

One of the parcels awaiting my arrival was this amazing selection of make-up from "Mememe Cosmetics". My box of goodies contained a wide range of products including their "Dark and Divine" Mascara, quad eyeshadow and "Beat the Blues" pearl pink skin illuminator. However, my two favourite products would have to be the "Blush me!" box blusher and the "Hemera" lipstick in coral cloak. I've never really tried a coral lipstick before, as I think I've always been a bit scared and gone down the "stick to what you know" route, always favouring my Barbie pink shades and occasionally straying into the realms of nudes and lighter pinks, but I've never really been any more adventurous than that. Therefore, at first I was slightly apprehensive when I saw the shade of the lipstick, but in true don't judge a book by its cover style, it is actually already up there in my top three favourite lipstick/lipgloss products that I own! (The others being M.A.C's Pink Nouveau and Benefit's Sugar Bomb). The lipstick actually looks a lot brighter in the tube than it does upon application, and I absolutely love how it is complimenting my *slightly* sun kissed skin! (If anything, the coral shade actually makes you look more tanned- winner!). The texture of the lipstick itself is gorgeous, and doesn't dry out your lips like so many lipsticks are guilty of doing- and priced at only £8.50 it's an absolute steal compared to the £15.50 price tag on my usual lipstick choice.

In terms of the blusher, I hadn't even removed the cellophane before I fell in love with the product. Although I think quality of product is obviously an incredibly important aspect of buying cosmetics, I have to hold my hands up and admit that I am also guilty of buying into brands that present their products in beautiful packaging and invest time into creating a brand identity (this explains by huge obsession with both Benefit and Soap and Glory), and as soon as I saw this product I felt that same buzz of excitement that I had another beautiful box to add to my cosmetic collection. Packaging design aside, the product itself is also of an extremely high quality. I have always considered blushers to be a bit of a touchy subject, as I am yet to find one that doesn't make me look like I'm; 1. impersonating Coco the clown, or 2. a five year old who got a bit over excited playing with her mums makeup bag. However the colouring of this is actually incredibly subtle upon application, and the brush applicator makes it incredibly easy to apply the right quantity in the correct manor... Don't be put of by how bright the product looks on pan, as when it is applied it blends as a very natural blush and has pretty good staying power too!

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