Benefit's "They're Real" Remover

I have a confession to make: I used to have this awful habit of never taking my eye make up off. Until about four or five months ago I never really bothered with it. I know this probably makes me the worlds worst beauty blogger, but I never really saw the point in spending ages taking all my mascara off, to just have to start again in the morning. (Sheer laziness I know).

I always made the time to take off the makeup on my skin, but found it such a chore to take my eye makeup off! Friends at uni would constantly warn me that my eyelashes would start falling out, or that it was a gross habit, and although I have to agree, I still didn't really bother. I think the root of the problem was that I didn't own an actual eye makeup remover, and vigorously rubbing my eyes with makeup wipes only made them sore and irritated, so I simply stopped trying. However, just after my birthday, I vowed to myself (and one of the friends who was the number one makeup removal advocate), that I would try and take my makeup off every single night.

Ever since changing my ways I have absolutely no idea how I used to go to bed with all my mascara still stuck to my eyelashes, and now taking my makeup off at night is something I actually look forward to doing! Already knowing that I didn't want to stick to the makeup wipe route, I tried a number of different eye make up removers before finally finding the one that works for me. That product is Benefit's "They're Real" remover. It seems to make sense to use this product to remove my makeup, as I use the complete range of Benefit's "They're Real" eye make up, so really the two should go hand in hand. I have extremely sensitive eyes, but this product doesn't irritate them at all, if anything the cream is actually quite soothing and feels as though it is moisturising my skin at the same time as taking off my makeup.

To apply, I simply place a generous amount on some cotton wool or a cotton pad, and gently rub my eye. The product seems to dissolve the makeup quickly, leaving my eyelashes soft and make up free! My new favourite feeling!

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