"The Heist" with Benefit Cosmetics

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took on Benefit Cosmetics "The Heist" in Manchester (...and lost). 

The event took place in order to promote the new "They're Real" criminally easy eye liner, and it really was such great fun. The event involved the completion of a Mission Impossible style lazer assault course, in which you had to successfully clamber, tiptoe and climb your way over a series of lazer beams from one end of the room to the other, without touching any beams and setting off the alarm. If you were successful, you won the eye liner positioned on the plinth past the lazers... free Benefit makeup?! mission accepted.

Both me and my boyfriend attempted the course three times, and although he once came very close to completion, unfortunately we just aren't cut out for the secret agent world and weren't nimble enough to bag ourselves the prize. Disappointment aside, I did grab myself a load of free samples, along with a free makeup lesson in how to apply the liner so it wasn't all bad! If you've already read my review of the product, then you will know that I think the eyeliner is amazingly innovative, and this makeup lesson really helped me to understand how to best use and apply the product.

The Heist is coming to a few cities around the UK so make sure you keep up to date with Benefit's tweets and instagrams if you want to try the challenge for yourself! Please leave your lovely comments below and let me know if you've taken on The Heist yet. I'd also really greatly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to follow THIS LINK and vote for "Amyelizabethfashion" in the Best New Beauty Blog category, I feel so honoured to even be shortlisted and winning would be a dream come true!