Pink Warm and Cosy

I have such a weakness when it comes to buying body butters and body lotions. As soon as I find a smell that I fall in love with I have to purchase the product, regardless of how many other near-to-full similar products I already have building up at home. Therefore, when I was enticed into the PINK Victoria's Secret shop in the Trafford Centre last week by their "any two body sprays/ lotions/ creams/ exfoliators for £18" deal, I knew I wouldn't be leaving empty handed.

After smelling every product in the shop approximately three times, I kept being drawn back to their "warm and cosy" range, as it made me feel incredibly nostalgic, and it wasn't until later that I realised the products smell exactly like Tunnocks Snowballs. (Most of you will probably have absolutely no idea what on earth I am referring to, but they are basically heaven in a marshmallow and chocolate and coconut form, and were practically my favourite treats as a child). In the end I decided on buying the "2-in-1 wash and scrub" and the body lotion. 

I have only used the wash and scrub once so far, but I literally felt like I had died and gone to heaven, as I seriously just cannot get enough of this smell! The consistency is a little bit smoother than a full on exfoliator, meaning it feels nicer to apply to the skin, and as you wash yourself, gently takes off any dry skin patches and smooths your skin. I actually really love the way this product works, as although it isn't as intense as using a full blown exfoliator, it seems kinder to your skin, and you don't feel as though you are rubbing a rough substance onto your body, meaning you could use it incredibly frequently and maintain a lovely standard of soft and smooth skin. The body lotion has become a new favourite of mine. The application couldn't be easier, as the product comes in a "soap like" dispenser, meaning you can avoid the awkward scooping out of the product that I absolutely hate if you buy lotions from places like the Body Shop, as it just becomes hard to gage when you have actually selected the right amount of product. With the Pink body lotion, I simply dispense a few pumps onto my hand and rub it in over my body, leaving my skin instantly hydrated and silky smooth (and of course topping up my new absolute favourite smell in the whole world!!)

Normally, these products would be priced at £15 and £13 each, so I really feel like I found such a bargain buying them both for £18! My only regret is that I didn't invest in the body spray too!

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