Creme Sheen in a Heartbeat

I am literally having the biggest obsession with lip sticks and lip glosses at the moment! I actually can not stop buying them, which is silly because you can only ever wear one shade at once, so eventually I will end up collecting so many that I don't have enough hours in the day to wear them all! However, I haven't treated myself to any lovely M.A.C. makeup in a long time, so I decided to use a bit of my birthday money and buy myself a little treat (plus it's a pre-exam present to myself... I may be stressed and snowed under with work, but at least my lips will look nice!)

I decided to buy both a lipstick and a lipgloss in complimentary shades, with the plan to either wear the lipstick alone, or layer the lipgloss on top for a more dewey, glossy finish. I absolutely love M.A.C. lipsticks, I think they're great products, however I have to say I am not overly impressed with the texture of the lipgloss. It is incredibly sticky both when applied and after it has dried, so I don't think I would wear the lipgloss alone... however, when layered over the lipstick, the lipstick seems to absorb some of this moisture and the product feels much smoother on my lips!

The lipstick is in the "Cream Sheen" variety in the shade "In a Heartbeat" which is a lovely coraly-pink colour perfect for summer! If you apply one layer it leaves a very subtle colour, or you can easily build up the layers to create a bolder lip look which I am a huge fan of! The lipgloss shade is "pure flattery" and although I am slightly let down by the texture of the product, the colour is simply beautiful and compliments the lipstick so well!

The lipstick was £15 and the lipgloss only slightly cheaper at £14, so both are fairly expensive products, but they are M.A.C. so this is to be expected! I will always fork out £15 for a M.A.C. lipstick because they literally feel like applying velvet to your lips, however I feel that £14 is quite expensive for the lipgloss. 

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