A Week of Instragram #8

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Starting from top left:
1. A natural photograph my boyfriend took of me in Tatton Park
2. Me and my new best friend, a ladybird
3. A beautiful picture of my boyfriend's brother and sister
4. A picture of some of the many cakes I've been baking this week!
5. Making duck faces with Pringles 
6. A shot of Loughborough town in the sun

I feel I must apologise once more for my complete lack of dedication to blogging last week! It's another super busy week this week, but I will try my best to get some more beauty and fashion related posts done for you! On Friday I finish university for Easter, so even though I have lots of revision to get done, I will also have plenty more time to get some lovely posts written for you all! 

This week has been a great week, last weekend I went to stay with my boyfriend in Loughborough, and luckily the weather was gorgeous on the Sunday, so we went for a walk around the town and discovered so many lovely little shops and cafes that I definitely can't wait to visit next time I am down. As you all know from my previous post, this week I've been baking galore! I find it really therapeutic, and love baking whenever I'm home as I can't do it in my university kitchen. These particular cupcakes were for someone's 70th birthday, and it's so lovely to have an occasion to bake for!

The top three pictures are all natural shots, which I always think are the best! I love the picture I took of my boyfriend's older sister and younger brother on Saturday night! Yesterday, I went to Tatton Park with his family and it was such a lovely sunny day! It was so nice to forget about coursework and exams for a few hours and enjoy some time in the sun.

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