High Beam

Morning lovely people! Once again I'm going to do a review of one of my beloved Benefit make-up products- my lovely "High-Beam" highlighter and luminescent complexion enhancer. This is probably one of the only items on Benefit make-up that I do not use on a daily basis, as I only tend to use it for that extra cheekbone and browbone shine and lift if I'm off on a night out, but I made an exception and wore it today to show you beautiful people how amazing this product really is!

In the photograph above, I am wearing "High-beam" underneath my powders, bronzer and blusher, as I didn't want to walk into uni this morning looking like I'm caked in makeup, but usually if wearing on a night out, I will add "High-beam" last, to leave a perfect shimmer over my finished make-up. I mainly apply this product in two areas- above my cheekbone and along my brow bone (just below my eyebrow). Along my cheek bone I will place around 4 dots of high beam, beginning just past the apple of my cheek, and placing the last dot right at the top of my cheek bone by my ear. I then blend the dots together in a line, following the path of my cheek bone (be sure to do this quite quickly so the highlighter doesn't dry in dots on your face). I find this technique works incredibly well if you contour the underside of your cheek bone with a bronzer, creating a shadow which allows the high-beam to really pop and accentuate your cheek bones!

Along my brow bone I use a similar technique, but make sure you use less high beam (a little bit can go a very long way). Placing just under your eyebrows can really brighten and open up your eyes adding a lovely dewey flush to your brow bone. The reflective qualities of this product really bring out the features you apply it to, and can make your face look naturally contoured and bright! The product isn't limited to just these two places either, you can dot and blend it into any part of your face that you want to highlight and draw attention to (tip: blending in a narrow line down your nose will reflect the light and make your nose look slimmer!)

At £19.50 a bottle, for me, it is an incredible price for the product! It last such a long time (however, if used everyday you may feel differently about the high price tag!). Although a highlighter is definitely a make-up item that I could probably live without, when there's one this good on offer I wouldn't dream of not using it!

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