Batiste Clean and Classic

OK, so you will all probably stop reading my blog once I admit to this... but hand on heart, I only wash my hair twice a week (three at an absolute push). But before you assume I walk around with disgustingly greasy hair all week long, trust me when I say washing your hair everyday is actually bad for it, and will actually result in your hair producing more grease! I am by no means suggesting that this regime is suitable for everyone, as everyone's hair is different and you know what works best for you, however, it is a common misconception that heavily dyed, fine hair needs washing and deep conditioning all the time to keep in good condition! I have incredibly thin hair, that has been completely dyed blonde for the last eleven months, but despite this, my hair is in surprisingly good condition!

One of the products that I credit for it, is "Batiste clean and classic" dry shampoo. It is a staple product of mine that I use on a daily basis without fail. Batiste offer an extremely wide range of dry shampoos, each promising to produce a different result, and having tried a number of these, including "Blush" which promises to emit a floral and fruity fragrance whilst providing added bounce and texture, and "Fresh" which is their cool and crisp unisex dry shampoo, my personal favourite has always been the Batiste "Clean and Classic" original dry shampoo which instantly leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh, whilst helping to hold in place when backcombing or adding extra texture. Although the added scents and properties of the other varieties are nice, personally I prefer hair products that make it seem as if you actually have no hair products in! I like my hair to look natural and seem effortlessly soft, and this product does just that! It removes grease and adds bounce, but is scentless and colourless so providing it has been thoroughly rubbed in, no one need know you're actually wearing it!

Every morning, I turn my head upside down, allowing my hair to fall in-front of my face, and hold the dry shampoo about 30cm away from the back of my hair and spray. I rub this in with my head still upside down, and give a quick spritz of hairspray (using this technique adds tonnes of natural volume to your hair!). Once This has been fully rubbed in, I flip my hair back to its natural position, and apply more dry shampoo along my roots, ensuring that I fully rub in as I go to make sure no grey powder residue is left behind. 

Priced at only £4.99 in Boots, and pretty much always part of their "3 for 2" offer, you really can't loose with this product! I use it every single day and a can still lasts around 3-4 months! 

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