Wednesday Wishlist

Morning beautiful followers!! It's so early but I just cannot get back to sleep, and yet again it's cold and rainy here in Manchester, so I've decided to do another Wednesday morning pick-me-up for us all! 

1. Lollitint- Benefit, £24.50
2. Sit tights intense XL- Soap and Glory, £16.50
3. Foundation brush- Bobbi Brown, £32.00
4. Golightly low point heels- Miss Selfridge, £39.00

My wish list this week is very beauty based- I've been dying to try lollitint since it's launch a few weeks ago, but since I've invested in quite a few blush and cheek stains recently, I'm trying to put off buying it! I will definitely try it before the summer comes though, as I think it's such a fun, playful colour that will look amazing with a tan. Second on my list is "Sit Tight", yet another product that I've been meaning to try for some time! I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory products (however I may be slightly biased as we all know how much I am taken in by pretty packaging), and God knows I could definitely do with firming up some areas of my body, so I'd love to know whether this product actually makes a difference! If you've tried this product, comment below and let me know if it's worth buying! Bobbi Brown makeup brushes are so high quality and so soft I would buy the whole set if I had the money, but considering I am currently without any form of foundation brush, and have been having to apply my foundation with my hands, this foundation brush is right up there on my wish list. Lastly, this week I am lusting after these Miss Selfridge low heeled shoes. I even tried them on yesterday and it took a whole lot of restraint to put them back on the shelf! 

Let me know what's on the top of your wishlist this week and I may try it out and do a review for you! Don't forget to comment below, follow me on bloglovin and check out my twitter and instagram!