"Dot on Cheeks and Blend"

I have a secret obsession with blushers and cheek stains, I've always been a blusher over bronzer person, and I love the natural, healthy glow that a good blush can provide. Therefore, when I saw how beautiful the colour of this Topshop "head over heels" blush was, I had to try it, and at a price of £6 I really can't complain!

I was definitely sceptical before trying the product, considering the blush I use on a daily basis (Benefit's fine-one-one), costs £23.50. I was already expecting there to be a considerable difference in the quality of the product, and I wasn't wrong. I did exactly as the minimal instructions told me, I dotted the product onto my cheeks and attempted to blend in. Although the colour was lovely, it was the blending part I was struggling with! You really have to work quickly with this product to blend it in naturally before it sets on your face in large dots. However, after some vigorous rubbing, and a few days practice, I am starting to really like this product! I have been using it very subtly and blending into my foundation, starting from the apples of my cheeks and blending up to the hollows of my cheekbones. The blush is available in a variety of colours, meaning you can choose the shade that best compliments your skin tone- personally I chose this beautiful coraly colour, which comes across as slightly orangey on the photo, but once applied it gives your cheeks a really healthy glow!

I did find that this product tends to "slip" off your face and fade as the day goes on, so you have to make sure you take it with you and reapply throughout the day! Unfortunately that's a disadvantage you're going to get with all cream blushes- they just don't have the same staying power as powders! For me though, this is a small sacrifice as I love the dewey, moisturised look that cream blushers leave.

I would never replace my higher quality benefit item with this blush- the quality and ease of application of these two items is incomparable. However this Topshop blush is so cheap it truly is worth every single penny!

Comment below and let me know what you think of this product! What's your favourite blusher? Do you have any product recommendations for me to try?