Magnapass Launch Party*

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Firstly, an apology. My blog means the world to me and is something I am unbelievably proud of. It's a project, however, that I have always worked on alone. I built up my following from scratch, I am responsible for all my web design, template design, photography and writing... I think sometimes it is easy to look at bloggers, with their thousands of followers and enviable lifestyles and fail to understand the time and effort that they put into maintaining their brand. It isn't just about receiving free gifts and getting hundreds of likes; it's about writing genuine and relatable content, investing in high quality photography equipment, taking time to edit photographs, maintaining social media channels, responding to emails and comments and continually thinking up new and innovative post ideas. It is pretty much a full time job that I, and the majority of other bloggers, do on the side for very little income and often more stress than it's worth. Why? Because I truly love owning something that was solely created by me. Something that is 100% mine. It's been a few months since I've managed to post, partly because final year of university has been kicking my arse, but mainly because whilst I've been juggling the stress and commitments related to this really busy time, I didn't want to publish second-rate posts just to keep content flowing... so I took the time out and now I'm ready to come back at you with some great content! The next few posts you read are long overdue... but thank you for sticking with me through this time!

You will have seen a few posts on my blog before relating to events and fitness experiences I have attended in collaboration with Magna Pass, and in complete honesty they are one of my favourite companies to collaborate with. Not only are all the events fantastically fun and hard work, but I've met some amazing likeminded people, eaten some extremely yummy food, and always leave with aching muscles and a smile on my face. Back in February, myself and Ant attended their official launch party involving tasters of 4 different styles of classes, and we both loved every minute.

001. Spinning - The first class we attended was spinning, something both myself and Anthony have a lot of experience in, so I was quite excited to jump right in and get a sweat on! The atmosphere of the room was great, with the lighting and music really helping you push through!

002. Animal Movement - The second class was by far both of our favourites - a strength and conditioning animal movement workshop with a good friend of mine and Ant's: Skoti from Fera... The class was a perfect taster for anyone interested in movement, callisthenics, or more fluid yoga-type exercise, and provided a real chance to get your body moving in ways that you never usually utilise. My boyfriend being a firm believer in movement based training himself, along with teaching it to a large number of his clients, thoroughly enjoys the more challenging moves in the class, and the whole session was something throughly enjoyed by both of us (I highly recommend checking Fera's classes out if it's something you may be interested in!) 

003. HIIT - After a short lunch break came session number 3 - a quick and sweaty HIIT session to help us burn off all the yummy treats we'd been enjoying!

004. Yoga - Finally came yoga, a perfect way to unwind, relax and cool down after a sweaty and activity filled day. Yoga is something that I have increasingly been making time for in my training recently, and I am noticing a huge plethora of both mental and physical benefits of doing so. It was lovely to stretch out our tired muscles and enjoy a spot of meditation before leaving, and the perfect mix of classes helped me to feel like my body had been pushed and challenged in countless different ways.

...So incase you are still unaware, Magna Pass are a fab new company that provide an online platform you can sign up to, allowing you to access numerous fitness classes. From rock climbing, to yoga, to strength and conditioning, to swimming, the huge plethora of classes on their timetable in various Greater Manchester locations ensures that there will always be a class suited to your needs, at a time most convenient for you! So if you don't want to commit to a gym membership, but still want the option of participating in group exercise classes you can sign up by clicking HERE.