How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

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We've all been there - you've worked your butt off in the gym for the weeks leading up to your holiday and watched your diet like a hawk, only to forget about all that hard work the moment you've stepped on the plane in favour of a cocktail or two, and a few too many scoops of gelato throughout the week. Don't get me wrong, after all that hard work you deserve a treat, and taking time away from the stresses of our daily routines is infinitely beneficial, but can also be incredibly detrimental to both your waistline and the fitness levels you've worked so hard to improve. No one wants to come home from holiday feeling bloated, sluggish and unmotivated to get back into the swing of a healthy lifestyle... But you'll be happy to know it actually is possible to enjoy your holiday, relax your fitness routine but still feel healthy and refreshed afterwards, so I have compiled a little list of my best tips to help you to stay on track whilst travelling. 

001. The Journey - 

Be wise and save your treats for meals out or special nights on your holiday, and don't begin undoing all of your hard work before you've even arrived. Pack some snacks with you for the plane (especially if travelling long haul), to avoid having to eat pre-packed plane meals high in refined carbs and sodium. My favourite go-to travel snacks are snack bars such as Nakd Bars or Bounce Balls, packs of dried fruit and plenty of water. If possible, buy a salad in the airport to take on the flight with you!

002. Moderation not Deprivation -

Allow yourself treats, but on the days you know you will be stopping for ice cream, or indulging in a heavy meal at night time, ensure that you eat lighter food throughout the day. One cheat meal does not have to develop into a whole week of unhealthy eating, and you are far more likely to binge on unhealthy foods when you eventually eat them if you try to deprive yourself! Therefore, allow yourself little treats while you're away, but indulge in moderation.

003. Be Active -

So you may not have access to a gym, and even if you do the facilities are likely to be incredibly limited (plus who wants to spend hours in the gym on holiday?!), but despite this there are numerous ways to remain active whilst on holiday, for example making simple changes like walking your sightseeing tour rather than taking the bus route, or instead of just splashing around in the pool to cool off, set yourself a target amount of lengths to complete.

004. Appreciate the local cuisine!

When travelling abroad (especially to hotter climates), changes are they have much fresher and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, and if travelling to an island they are likely to have fish in abundance. Play to these strengths and you will definitely ensure you are eating a really healthy meal, whilst still being able to experience part of that countries culture. At meal times, limit calories in drinks, allowing you to consume more of the food that you really want to eat.