Learn to Love Your Body with the Selfridges EveryBODY Campaign*

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"As the wellness movement continues to influence how we depict, treat and talk about our bodies, we are seeking to explore the joy, strength and beauty of individuals united in motion. Whether the sight of a clean-eating hashtag makes your toes curl or your morning just isn’t complete without a sprinkling of chia seeds – Selfridges invite you to celebrate the beauty of difference through our EVERYBODY campaign.


Selfridges recent campaign and series of events (their biggest ever) focus on embracing healthy living, positive body image, a celebration of individuality... a campaign focused on changing our perception of beauty encouraging us to embrace the body we are in, to fight female objectification, to be proud of our strength not our sexuality.

The Selfridges body studio focuses on learning to love and be proud of our bodies no matter what shape and size they manifest... offering a huge product range from lingerie encouraging indulgence in ourselves, to swimwear and fitness wear, to comfortable sleepwear for that all important 'down time'. In light of the Selfridges EveryBODY campaign I decided to list my own little ways to help practice self love and be proud of our bodies.:

001. Acceptance vs. Perfection - No body (and no bodies body) is perfect. Accepting that your body has flaws is the first step in finding peace with your body so strive for acceptance not perfection... embrace the parts of your body that you love instead of focusing on the parts you hate.

002. Indulge - 'your body hears everything your mind says', so be K I N D. Treat yourself: splurge on some of Selfridges perfectly fitting and luxurious lingerie, allow yourself to spend a bit of time finding those perfectly flattering gym leggings, invest in some silky soft pyjamas. Indulge your body, you deserve it.

003. Go olympian - Be proud of your body for its strength, its endurance, its speed, power, athleticism. Switch your focus from what your body looks like and turn your attention to what your body can DO. Ramp up the intensity in your workouts, push yourself harder than ever before, compete with no one but yourself and most importantly be proud of your results.

The EveryBODY Event Weekend:

The event weekend I attended involved a plank off hosted by Sweaty Betty (where my 5 minute effort placed me third place), a class run by Barrecore, bootcamps, and a number of different 'detoxifying', gluten free, superfood stands offering protein filled snacks and refreshing drinks. 

Personally, I love the new Selfridges campaign. I think it's finally time we ditched the concept of a 'perfect' body and instead focused on our health and raising a new generation of women who are proud of the bodies they have.