50 Little Things That Make My Soul Happy

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001. My cats when they're snuggled up on my bed
002. My body's ability to consistently wake up before the sun, meaning I get to watch it rise
003. Lazy Sunday cooked breakfasts
004. Bubble baths
005. Bath bomb baths
006. Any baths
007. Proper belly laughs
008. Books for allowing my mind to escape into another world
008. The sunshine (even if it is hidden behind cloud the majority of the time)
009. Daffodills
010. The colour yellow
011. Friends who always know what's best for me, even if I don't know it myself
012. Health
013. The gym for being the best form of therapy
014. Cups of green tea and girly late night snuggles in my mum's bed
015. Harry Potter
016. Blogging
017. And the people I have met doing it
018. Good hair days
019. Scrunchies
020. Smoothies
021. When I go to a restaurant and they actually cater to Gluten Free
022. Yoga pants
023. My marshmallow bed
024. The run up to Christmas and the magical feeling it gives me
025. Giving people presents
026. Baking
027. Taking photographs, especially with my polaroid
028. Majorca
029. Going on breakfast dates
030. Realising I'm becoming more confident and comfortable in myself
031. People who say 'good morning' when you pass them on a walk
032. Skipping
033. When I hit a PB in the gym
034. 99% dark chocolate
035. Full moons
036. When you wake up just before your alarm goes off
037. When your tweet is exactly 140 characters
038. The word smushy
039. When you discover a really good series on Netflix
040. Peanut butter
041. Ginger green tea
042. When clouds look like the wallpaper from Toy Story
043. Unicorns
044. Daydreaming
045. Writing in my diaries every night
046. Taking my make up off
047. Swimming
048. Sheep
049. Deep meaningfull conversations long into the night
050. 11:11 wishes