MAGNAxFERA - Trying Something New*

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A few weekends back, me and my boyfriend (@admfitness1 on instagram - go give him a follow, he's new and needs the love), were invited down to Kettlebell Kitchen in Manchester by the lovely team at Magna, as part of their 'NEWVEMBER' campaign... an effort to get people to try something new in the fitness world. The event involved a 45 minute body weight strength and conditioning style workout with Fera (@wearefera), followed by an amazing breakfast (see below for absolute food porn). As well as being a fitness class right up both mine and Ant's street, it was so lovely to meet so many other likeminded fitness bloggers, and when free breakfast is involved it's definitely not an event you're going to decline an invite to!

So incase you are unaware, Magna are a fab new company that provide an online platform you can sign up to, allowing you to access numerous fitness classes. From rock climbing, to yoga, to strength and conditioning, to swimming, the huge plethora of classes on their timetable in various Greater Manchester locations ensures that there will always be a class suited to your needs, at a time most convenient for you! So if you don't want to commit to a gym membership, but still want the option of participating in group exercise classes you can sign up by clicking HERE.

The class itself was absolutely fantastic, and a perfect taster for anyone interested in movement, callisthenics, or more fluid yoga-type exercise, and provided a real chance to get your body moving in ways that you never usually utilise. My boyfriend being a firm believer in movement based training himself, along with teaching it to a large number of his clients, meant him and Fera got on like a house on fire, and the whole event was something throughly enjoyed by both of us (I highly recommend checking Fera's classes out if it's something you may be interested in!) 

After the class came breakfast, an absolute health feast laid on by Kettlebell Kitchen, consisting of primary gluten free and wholly healthy food, providing us with some much needed fuel following our morning workout. Following the breakfast, Ant was still peckish (as per), so treated himself to a huge box full of KBK's healthy fuel - salmon, sweet potato mash, pesto, halloumi and greens, and both of us treated ourselves to a healthy, paleo brownie (I sampled the chocolate orange flavour and my GOD was it wonderful!). Tummies full and muscles sufficiently tired, we headed home, discussing how amazing the whole event had been for the whole 24 mile journey. 

Thank you so much again to the guys at Magna, Kettlebell Kitchen, and Fera for what really was a fantastic event!

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