The Art of Relaxation ft. Lush Bath Bombs

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Bath time is my favourite time; if I can, I will have a bath every single day, and if you team that bath with a good book, a lovely bath bomb, some candles or a new magazine, there's a good chance I will not surface again for well over an hour... There are usually only two situations that will fully relax me: the gym, or a bath. And when university work piles up, or I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything on my to do list, I love nothing more than taking some time out to really enjoy some 'me time' and practice the art of relaxation. My boyfriend knows how much I cherish my bath times, and equally knows how easily I get stressed out, so look me into Lush in Liverpool the other week and bought me an amazing set of new bath bombs, soaps and powders. My only issue now though is that I adore lush bath bombs so much that I am trying to save them for 'special occasions' or particularly stressful days... a feat that so far is going well but I can't guarantee this willpower will last much longer.

So far I have restrained myself to the use of one bath bomb, the amazing blue intergalactic bath bomb, and it was definitely the most captivating bath bomb I have ever used... (I barely even got any of Harry Potter read because I was so enthralled watching the massive bath bomb fizzle away around me). The only way I can really describe it was by saying I felt like I was sat in the middle of a highly saturated version of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting... the only downside being it took a good few hours to scrub the glitter off my body, but that is a small price to pay.

In a world where we are feeling more and more like we are always on the go, taking time to enjoy some moments in a warm and comforting bath and indulging your body with the luxury of a bath bomb can really go a long way to helping you relax, both physically and mentally...

001. Muscle Ease and Relaxation -
Bathing in warm water, particularly after strenuous exercise or a long day, can really help your muscles to relax, reducing the risk of DOMs (delayed onset of muscle soreness) or aching muscles the next day. Along with this, the removal of excess tension in your muscles will also help to relieve headaches and help you to get a better nights sleep.


002. Set the Scene -
I have two main rules when enjoying a long and relaxing bath: 1. no mobile phones in the room, and 2. the bathroom must be tidy. There is no use trying to relax in a warm bath if you are staring at shampoo bottles or dirty towels thrown on the floor... instead, aim to create a peaceful environment as this will really help your mind to destress.

003. Post Bath Relaxation -
After allowing your mind and body to relax in a lovely warm and soapy bath, the last thing you want is to allow your stress or tension to build back up over the course of the evening before you go to sleep. Instead, try and maintain the calm environment you have created for yourself. For me, this involves putting on some fresh pyjamas with a warm dressing gown and settling into bed with a book or catching up on some TV programmes on my laptop. I will try to avoid really brightly lit rooms, and instead turn on fairy lights or bed side lamps so that my eyes remain as relaxed as possible before bedtime.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you best relax! Happy bathing!