15 Happy Things

Life has changed a lot lately, in some ways for the better, in some ways questionably for the worse. But whether good or bad, change is always a necessary and integral part of life. Even something which may seem at first to be a negative change doesn't have to remain so for change teaches people strength, it enlightens us to opportunities we never before considered and if nothing else, change teaches us to appreciate what we once had. In light of so much change I have decided to reflect on those happy things which have remained constant, the things in my life which put a smile on my face every day and make me truly thankful to be alive.

001. Waking up to my cats snuggled up on my bed
002. My body's ability to consistently wake up before the sun, meaning I get to watch it rise
003. Lazy Sunday cooked breakfasts
004. Bubble Baths
005. The fact I have a bed to sleep in, a kitchen to cook in and a house to call a home
006. Proper belly laughs
007. Books for allowing my mind to escape into another world
008. The sunshine (even if it is hidden behind cloud the majority of the time)
009. Friends who always know what's best for me, even if I don't know it myself
010. Health
011. The balance between independence and dependence - knowing that you can survive alone, but knowing there are people willing to help you when you struggle
012. The gym for being the best form of therapy
013. Cups of tea and girly late night snuggles in my mum's bed
014. The constant never ceasing support of loved ones
015. Harry Potter. Always.