Paperchase Haul

 Today is officially the last day of my summer holidays (if you can even refer to them as that considering the distinct lack of summer weather during my 12 days of freedom), as tomorrow is my first day working as a Fashion Merchandiser for South Beach Swim, where I will be working for a year before completing my final year of university. Being the list-making-stationary-addict-organisation-obsessive girl that I am, a new job seemed like the perfect excuse to head down to Paperchase and stock up on some cute little office essentials, so I thought I'd share a few of my purchases with you…

001. List Book - The cutest little ribbon tied note book, which when opened is home to four different coloured 'sticky tabs', larger sticky notes, a checklist-to-do-list style pad and a larger A5 ruled notepad. Basically this is just the best invention I have ever come across and I can already tell I will be obsessively sticky tabbing my life away for the next 12 months.

002. Ruled Notebook - Because we all need a pretty place to jot down all our notes. As part of my placement year, I am required to write monthly e-logs, documenting what I have learnt and what my day-to-day responsibilities at work have been, so I thought this simple little note book would be the perfect place to note all this down.

003. Pineapple Sticky Note Pad - as if I didn't have enough sticky notes already, these sticky notes come in literally the cutest packaging I have ever come across, complete with a velcro fastening. And they're in pineapple print. How. Cute.

004. Pineapple Pen - Because every fashion student needs a fluffy pen to match her sticky notes. Need I say any more?