Hello May

It doesn't seem like two minutes ago that I was celebrating New Years Eve, yet here we are, one week away from exam time and a third of the way into 2015 already. Time seems to be flying by like lightning, and it's so easy to just let it keep running past you without taking the time to step back and really appreciate the things you have achieved with it. Four months in to the year and I have come so much further and achieved so much more than I thought I would have by this point. At times, progress can feel slow and stagmented and maintaing motivation can be hard, but sometimes looking back at a slightly bigger picture can reiterate just how far you've come. 

In light of these positive changes, I've decided to review my New Years Resolutions, and set myself a new set of goals to work towards for the next few months...

1. Celebrate every tiny victory
2. Take time every day to appreciate the amazing friends and family that I have
3. Continue to drink at least two litres of water a day
4. Make sure I find more time to dedicate to my blog
5. Be happy, be positive and smile
6. Continue to track my gym progress and...
7. ...Promise to stop comparing this to the progress of others
8. Treat myself how I wish to be treated by others
9. STOP unnecessarily spending so much money in the Trafford Centre
10. Take life one day at a time and stop worrying about tomorrow