UK Blog Awards

There really isn't a lot that I can write for this post, because no amount of words could possibly equate to the happiness and pride that I felt on Friday night when walking down the red carpet at the 5* Montcalm hotel in Mayfair, London, as a finalist for Young Person Recognition in the UK Blog Awards. To think that 14 months ago Amy Elizabeth didn't even exist, for my hard work to be nationally recognised is just beyond overwhelming. I cannot thank every single person who has supported my blog enough, I am so humbled by every single page view, every comment and every follower. To be able to spend such an amazing night in the company of so many incredible bloggers was just a dream come true. Never in a million years did I ever anticipate that I would be shortlisted for two national awards in such a short space of time, so from the bottom of my heart; thank you.