Let's Get Nakd*

 Being a coeliac who has recently ditched processed sugar and a general all round fussy eater, snacking is pretty much a no go zone. Until I discovered Nakd bars...  i.e. the most perfect protein filled, iron rich, gluten free, raw snack bars from Natural Balance Foods. 

There are a variety of flavours available, so whether you're craving a sweet berry taste, tangy apple, spicy ginger bread or really want a guilt free chocolate fix there is definitely a Nakd bar to cater to your needs. And the best part? They are made from completely natural ingredients and contain no added sugar.

But for me, the cherry on top of the metaphorical gluten free cake is that they are packed full of iron rich foods. For those of you that are new to my blog, or aren't aware of my background, I was once a very severe anaemic. Years of refusing to fuel my body properly meant my iron levels fell to a dangerously low point, however, they are *touch wood* nearly back within the gamut of what is considered to be 'normal'. Iron deficiency is incredibly common, but also easily preventable.... it sounds very patronising and obvious but the easiest way to avoid it is to ensure you are eating a diet filled with iron rich foods. Take it from someone with a lot of experience, the crippling headaches, unbearable fatigue, insomnia, cramps, dizziness, dehydration, bruising, shortness of breath and lack of concentration are not symptoms that you should ever want to force your body to battle with on a daily basis. It seems too good to be true that eating something as yummy and satisfying as these Nakd bars can help you to avoid iron deficiency, and for me they have been my savour. My little mid-morning pick me ups, providing energy, iron and protein without the chemicals and processed sugar piled into so many supermarket brand gluten free alternatives. 

So whether, like me, you are a coeliac looking for a healthier snacking alternative, an anaemic tired of trying to eat their body weight in spinach on a daily basis, or you just want to try a new healthy snack I would definitely recommend Nakd. (p.s., cashew cookie is like a piece of absolute heaven).