Dr. Organic Bioactive Skincare*

This year has been a year of change for me. I have overhauled my fitness regime and completely adjusted my diet; eliminating sugar and trying to eat products that are only made from 100% natural ingredients. Health is an absolute priority, and I no longer want to fuel my body with anything created in a lab from chemicals or undergone unnatural processes. Therefore, the obvious next step in my quest to live an organic life was to do the same with my skincare routine. If I am making such a conscious effort to remove all the nasty toxins from my body, it makes no sense to continue to pile them onto my skin. Step forward Dr. Organic.

Dr. Organic products are a new range from Holland and Barrett which contain the controversial ingredient of organic snail gel 'Helix Aspersa Muller', they promise to contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, are suitable for vegetarians and are never tested on animals. Phew, what a list. Comparing the ingredient list of these products to my current moistures actually makes my stomach feel a bit queasy, surely it cannot be beneficial to pile so many acidic based products on our skin, especially at such a young age. As far as am I concerned, if it can't be found in nature, I don't want to use it.

Celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have been on the snail gel bandwagon for a while now, and after an initial reaction of disgust my objection was replaced with an urge to try the gel myself after realising that a) you don't actually have to go near a real snail, they've already mixed it all up in a lovely pot for you and b) it offers immediate moisturising, soothing and anti ageing effects. After all, if it's good enough for the A-listers, a £19.99 tub of it is certainly good enough for me.

Holland and Barratt kindly gifted me three different products for trial; the hand and nail elixir, the eye serum and the face and body snail gel. I have tested all three products extensively over the past two weeks as I wanted to try and record a notable difference before reporting my true opinions on the products, and what a difference they have made. Every night after taking off my makeup I have been applying the gel to my face and neck and the pigmentation on my cheeks along with under eye bags and dry skin patches have significantly improved. My skin feels softer than it has in years and it feels as though the product really sinks down through the layers of skin to prevent future damage to lower layers.

If you're on the hunt for something organic or just fancy trying something a little different I would definitely suggest you give this new craze a try!