A Beautiful Spa Day with Holland and Barrett*

Last Saturday could not have come at a better time. To say I was feeling drained doesn't even come close to describing the truth. Having just completed a week of the hardest exams I have ever sat, following a long 5 week period of revision and an even longer 12 week semester containing 7 assignment deadlines, I would not be doing myself justice if I didn't admit that I was completely shattered. I worked hard, and finally had three days 'off' before starting the whole process again for semester two. I know Holland and Barrett aren't magic, but them organising this b e a u t i f u l spa day for me and five other lovely bloggers right after such a stressful time comes pretty darn close.
The event was held at Hale Country Club and hosted by Holland and Barrett in celebration of their 'weird and wonderful' products. The venue was gorgeous; featuring an indoor-outdoor jacuzzi, heated pools, zen room, fire and ice room, salt room, sauna, state of the art gym and a cinema style spinning class room along with the opulent spa in which we were pampered for a full two hours worth of treatments. 

I spent a wonderful morning relaxing with two other lovely Manchester based bloggers, Ellie and Beki [photo credit to both of them from some of the photographs featured above!] We arrived at the spa at 9a.m., when we were presented with the comfiest robes, slippers and towels before heading off for an hour long back scrub and full body massage followed by an hour long facial. The treatments were absolute heaven, and Espa products were used throughout and available to purchase afterwards. (I am still seriously considering buying the Cellular Hydration Intensive Serum used on my face, so if you'd like to hear a little bit more about that product leave me a little comment below!) After our treatments, we sunk into the outdoor Jacuzzi taking in the serene landscapes. My muscles were unbelievably sore beforehand, the result of a pretty intense effort in the gym the previous day, so it felt fantastic to actually feel supple and relaxed again. By 1p.m. we were ready to fall asleep, so a lovely glass of champagne with lunch was the perfect little pick me up! 

Thank you so much to both Holland and Barrett for inviting me on the day and to Hale Country Club for having us!